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Wildlife Viewing Super Naturally

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Like a Canadian, pull on your toque and fleece, and don’t forget the sunglasses.  It’s not all doom and gloom in Port Renfrew.  There is nowhere quite like the rugged West Coast wilderness. Surrounded by the sea, the mountains and the temperate rainforest, Port Renfrew really is nature’s paradise. The unspoiled isolation offers a diverse bio-system. There is an abundance of wildlife to observe; whether on the water or amongst the trees.  Rocky headlands along the coast offer excellent whale viewing.  Watch for orca, humpback, and greys.  Sea otters are making a comeback and can be seen off Port Renfrew.  The forest is home to back-tail deer, Roosevelt elk, Vancouver Island wolf, black bear, cougar and other small critters.

Full of beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife, a Wildlife and Nature tour is always a fun way to spend the day.  Local outfitters offer tours and charters. Nature on this scale demands respect.  All are supportive of marine wildlife protection.

Want to Learn More About Wildlife Viewing and Eco Tours?  Visit these informative sites:

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