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About Us

Meet Your Host & Dedication to Shelley Nielsen

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As a couple, Shelley and I shared a deep love for travelling - whether it was a road trip, a camping or canoeing adventure, or a journey by air or water in our beloved classic wooden boat. We found joy in exploring new places, and staying in local homes and apartments always made our experiences more personal and memorable.

Shelley passed away in July 2023 and will forever be missed as she was my partner in every sense of the word.

I extend a warm invitation to all of you to come and experience the beauty of the Wild West Coast of Vancouver Island, specifically Port Renfrew, and find solace in the tranquillity of Bjørn Holm. It has been a labour of love for us to meticulously prepare our cottage so that you can relish the essence of Wild Port Renfrew just as we did.


Shelley and I embarked on our hosting journey with great enthusiasm, eager to share our little piece of paradise with fellow travellers. While I, born in Denmark, and Shelley, born in British Columbia, spent over 40 years working side by side at West Wind Hardwood Inc., our passion for adventure and hospitality never wavered. Our two daughters, one close by and the other residing in Perth, Australia with our precious granddaughter, are a testament to the love and memories we've built over the years.


Though Shelley may no longer physically be with us, her influence is felt in every corner of Bjørn Holm. This sacred space is dedicated to her and the adventures we dreamed of sharing together and will remain a cherished part of our legacy.

Welcome Home, to Bjørn Holm.



Jan Nielsen

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