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Water Sports

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

SUP, Surf, Kayak – Get on the Water…literally!

Unwind and immerse.  “There is nothing, absolutely nothing, like messing around in a boat”. – Wind in the Willows

With the area’s bounty of marine wildlife, there’s no better way to get up close and personal than by guiding your own kayak or canoe. Gordon River, Fairy Lake and the San Juan River estuary and delta offer calm kayaking year-round, while the wild Pacific turns calm on most summer days and becomes an open ocean playground for advanced paddlers.  

Pay attention to the tides!

Discover Port Renfrew’s ocean and river wildlife from a new perspective. Paddle peacefully through the water you may spot the unique Tooth-Leaved Monkey Flower along the shore, or look up to see a majestic bald eagle. In the fall, taking the water is a venerable wildlife safari, as spawning salmon attract legions of black bears, eagles, and seals.

And what’s not to love about a guided adventure?  Endless waterfalls, lakes, and beaches; rainforest walks, and scenic drives into the mountains.  Get in synch with the ebb and flow of the seasons; of the ocean; of the eagles.  Your dream is waiting to be discovered.

Book a tour, or rent a sea kayak, paddleboard or ocean canoe for solo adventures. Unfortunately, rentals and tours are no longer available from Port Renfrew. Arrangements would need to be made either in Victoria and/or Sooke. Roof racks are required. Check out West Coast Outdoor Adventure in Sooke!

Waves break year-round against a spectacular natural backdrop of wide, sandy beaches and temperate rainforest — and there are a variety of waves and beaches for every skill level, from the novice to the seasoned surfer — from Jordan River all along the coast to Port Renfrew.  A little-known secret is at the mouth of the Gordon River right in the San Juan Bay in Port Renfrew. Sombrio Beach, and of course Jordan River, are home to some of the best surfing conditions on the Island, especially in the fall/winter.

Cold Water

Because the temperature of our Pacific Ocean waters ranges from approximately 7 to 15° Celsius (that’s 44 to 59° F), this is home to cold water surfing, where West Coast surfers always wear a neoprene wetsuit (varying its thickness according to season), as well as gloves, booties and the optional hood. Getting in and out of your wetsuit, like the pros, is just part of the fun!

SUP (Stand-up Paddling) and Wind Surfing are just a few alternative water sports awaiting you too.

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