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The Next Steps towards COVID-19 Precaution

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

In addition to our original update on our new COVID rules and regulations, we have now implemented additional steps and amenities to maintain your comfort and safety.

  1. We have removed our selection of beautifully coloured, fluffy towels as a precautionary method to minimize exposure for our guests and Taylor, our cleaner. We are keeping product to a minimum. We hope you understand it is a temporary measure.

  2. We have purchased new bed linens and duvet covers so we can better rotate linens and maintain an even higher level of cleanliness. For added protection during these times, we have mattress covers on each of the three layers you sleep on.

  3. Pillows! Once-upon-a-PRE-COVID time, we had oodles of pillow options available; sadly, another causality of the times.

Night Time Comfort

Think of the Hans Christian Andersen’s Princess and the Pea.

Who doesn’t need a good night’s sleep to ensure waking fresh and well-rested. To that end we provide 400 Count Egyptian cotton linens to ensure lasting softness and smoothness. We offer a good mattress, memory foam topper and feather topper to sleep on.

Some like it soft; some like it hard. That is the challenge. We know “hard” from our inland travels in Mexico and staying at middle-of-the-road hotels. Mexicans seem to love the ‘hard-as-rock’ concept. My parents placed plywood under their mattress and perhaps, that is why our preference swings to the soft-as-feather feel. And to that end, we apologize if you find our bedding too soft.

The duvets are silk NOT feather. Once a luxury enjoyed only by Chinese and Japanese nobility, silk-filled duvets have become a North American favourite due to their unique and desirable qualities.  We thought they were the perfect solution to having the comfort of a duvet with the coolness of silk along with the feeling of a little light weight on top of you.  They are a favourite for those who run warm when they sleep. We offer both a summer weight and a winter weight.

We spray our linens with French Lavender water; beautiful and calming.

To be or not to be ~~ coloured sheets. We understand that some feel that white epitomizes good hygiene and cleanliness. I prefer the hint of Arctic Ice. We feel this shade highlights the lovely artwork our dear friend painted especially for Bjørn Holm.

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