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Lowest Tides of The Year

Still over 4 months away, but worth noting on your calendar. We have the lowest daylight tides in Port Renfrew this year so far in 2018, coming up mid-June.

SATURDAY June 16th and SUNDAY June 17th have some of the lowest tides in the morning we’ve seen since fall 2017. Plus Friday and Monday too, if you have time in your schedule for those days.

Botanical Beach is at its very best during low tide events.

You need to get to Port Renfrew early though, for the very lowest tides.


FRIDAY, June 15th – 8:57am

SATURDAY, June 16th – 9:44am

SUNDAY, June 17th – 10:32am

MONDAY, June 18th – 11:21am

Now’s the time to book; we have Bjørn Holm waiting just for you.

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