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Fishing, Charters, and Flavours

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Harvest the sea ~ Harvest the Land ~ Forage the forests

So Tasty, So Healthy, So Super Wild

This is where Go Fish means business, and Wilderness Foraging can take on a whole new meaning. The best thing about fishing, aside from the year-round abundance of life in these waters, is that there are outings and fishing charters suited to every age, interest — or passion — and ability level.

Port Renfrew is situated on the migratory path of major salmon runs while possessing an ocean bottom shelf that provides ample baitfish and habitat for bottom-fish such as Halibut and Ling Cod. From spring through the beginning of autumn, trolling for Salmon is exciting, and the chances of spotting wildlife like eagles, seals, or even whales are excellent. While sub-surface trolling is the most popular fishing method, there's also buck tailing and jigging, and the unique option of saltwater fly fishing.

Fly fishing is an art and I cannot forget to mention freshwater fishing – Dolly Varden, cutthroat and rainbow trout. Saltwater fishing is a big draw, but the bounty and challenge of freshwater fishing also attract avid anglers. Savour pristine wilderness amid old-growth forest while you catch and release the elusive Steelhead Trout in local rivers through the winter months.

All fishing — salt or freshwater — requires a recreational fishing license. They are available online HERE.

Charter a high-speed boat and let the experts guide you to their well-guarded 'hot spots. Discover the pleasure of dropping a line. Walk the docks for freshly arrived fish boats (seasonal) selling their wares…and don’t forget the sweetness of the Dungeness crab and all the other fruits of the ocean including seaweed and sea asparagus.

Charters are available through…and this is just naming a few:

Shhhhhhhhh. Don’t tell…but there is life after fishing. Spring brings salmon berries and hints of more treasures to come; as well as the odd mushroom tucked hither and about. Huckleberries, Oregon grape and Salal berries abound in the summer. Look for the raspberry-like thimbleberry and wild blackberry in August.

True Canadian specialties are maple syrup and spruce beer but have you considered Spruce Tip Vodka? At their prime, spruce tips are baby-tender with a flavour that teases. And our own wild Nootka rose with possibilities of Wild Rose Petal Syrup and Rose Hip Jelly. And lastly, Fall can be anywhere from August through October bringing another flush of wild mushrooms.

Ensure you are not trespassing or gathering from protected lands. Do respect your neighbours!

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