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Welcome to Bjørn Holm – Amidst COVID-19

  1. We Want to ensure the integrity of Bjorn Holm for all who chose to experience the charm.

  2. We Want to ensure the health of Taylor, our cleaner as she takes charge of providing a clean and sanitary environment for you.

  3. We Want to ensure our guests, current, and future, feel comfortable knowing they have entered a ‘safe’ sanctuary.

Now more than ever, our guests care about cleanliness.

What you can expect from us.

  1. Bookings will have a minimum 24-hour buffer between departures and arrivals.

  2. Taylor has enhanced her cleaning protocol following the rigorous Ministry of Health Guidelines. As well, taking BC WorkSafe and Airbnb’s recommendations under advisement.

  3. We are helping guests protect themselves by supplying paper towels, toilet paper/tissues, disinfectant hand wipes, soap(s), and cleaning supplies. Feel free to make use of these products; there is a box of blue nitrile gloves (right side of the oven – bottom drawer). These supplies will help you, our guests, maintain a high standard of cleanliness

What we expect when you leave us.

We will no longer be impressed by tidy guests because it will have to now be the norm.

  1. All used bedroom/bathroom/kitchen linens/towels are placed in the black laundry hamper in the bedroom. This includes your bedding; minimizing Taylor’s exposure.

  2. All used bathroom bottles and products need to be left on the shower floor so Taylor can disinfect.

  3. All used kitchen dishes/pots, cutlery, containers are placed in the dishwasher and ‘started’ on leaving the premises.

  4. All used, touched, or looked at 😉 product; including books, DVDs, wood serving platters, condiments be placed on the kitchen counter or dining room table so Taylor can clean for the next guests. The onus on being a tidy guest is removed. Let us truly take care of you.

  5. Please adhere to our ‘no later’ than 11 am check out time as Taylor will wait for 3-hours prior to entering Bjorn Holm. Feel free to text or email us if you leave earlier.

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